Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My First Doll(Umi Ryuuzaki)

The first doll I've ever made. Her name is Umi Ryuuzaki and she's from a japanese anime called Magic Knight Rayearth. Due to problems with the pattern she took me over 4 months to complete.The eyes are craft foam painted with acrylic and she's 21 inches tall. Her eyes are a bit cracked in the picture only because she suffered a bit of bed time abuse since I slept with her for the first month or so after she was finished.Eventually I'll find a way to seal the paint on their eyes so it will stop cracking.

Here are some pictures that I took of her:

Eventually I hope to get to making the two other girls that go with her.


This is my first blog experience and I'm so excited! I wanted a place where I could showcase my dolls. Mainly so that people could come and look and if they're interested enough to buy one.I'm hoping to start a small business with them if everything gets rolling properly and the demand is there.I could put my other crochet items here as well but I think that my dolls deserve a space of their own to call home.I would have placed them on either Etsy or Ravelry to sell but that will have to be put on hold for a while longer,at least until I can get enough money squirreled away to open a bank account. Meanwhile I hope that you all get a chance to visit and chat with me soon.Thanks for visiting and be sure to come back often to see what new stuff I have put up.